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Marais Gallery Shows Part 2-February 2021: Galerie NEC & Bendana/Pinel

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Continuing the coverage of the current shows at the contemporary art galleries in the Marais, today I am writing about Galerie NEC and Galerie Bendana/Pinel.  


Judith Maria Kleintjes Show at Galerie NEC

The Judith Maria Kleintjes show at Galerie NEC is a myriad of art forms including watercolors, sculptures, and drawings, on a small scale and hung in a well-executed, meticulously measured manner. The balance between the mediums is also well executed. 

The simplicity of some of the plant watercolors evoke the minimalist Japanese form. A burnished, copper color, metal oval gives an earthy warmth to the gray, black, and white tones of the other works. One of the more eye-catching pieces is an abstract collage of white ceramic sculptures with small holes in each one, resembling a jigsaw puzzle. 

In her artist’s statement, Kleintjes writes about her research of her work process and says “I investigate the phenomenon of time and space, the relationship between perception and actuality, reality and image. My work is based on the experience and the examination of the essence of nature.”   

Galerie NEC

117 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 

Judith Maria Kleintjes Show is on until 3/13/2021







The Brake by Julio Rondo at Galerie Bendana/Pinel

At Galerie Bendana/Pinel, Spanish artist Julio Rondo, is now exhibiting his solo exhibition, The Brake. 

When first I glanced at the paintings, they were a series of bold, wide brushstrokes in vibrant colors. Upon closer inspection, the paintings were a lot more intricate, and took on another dimension as I noticed some of the brushstrokes were directly painted on back of the front glass panel. The mixture of color palate is superb and the overlapping, vertical brush strokes bring to mind the geometry of Josef Albers in a more fluid form. 

In his color choices, Rondo takes a cue from the past with the acute colors from pop culture and makes them relevant for his work today. 

4 rue du Perche, 75003

The Brake is on until March 20, 2021





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