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  • Eye Prefer Paris is an ex-New Yorker's insider's guide to Paris. Richard Nahem writes his blog from his fabulous 18th century apartment in the fashionable Marais district of Paris

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November 02, 2020


Kathy S.

I love your posts. Wonderfully written with excellent photos. I confess however that they are extremely difficult to read on my phone due to the layout of your pages.

I share through Facebook groups almost every one of your posts that you write for other sites but rarely those that are exclusive to your page. This is a huge shame as they are gems that many travellers to France are missing out on. I hate to sound ungrateful for all the knowledge and expertise you provide freely but I am convinced if you used a programme that automatically formatted for both browsing by computer and mobile that you would attract more readers and subsequently more demand for your tours (when we can travel again) and for your website and magazine contributions. Your warm, personable writing style accompanied by your immense knowledge, passion and wonderful storytelling is sadly hidden from many. Don't worry I am not a website developper trying to sell my services just a passionate francophile who also loves French French language.

Richard Nahem

Hi Kathy
Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog and my other articles. I'm sorry that my blog doesn't come across clearly on your phone. I looked into changing the format, but the only way to do that is if i migrate to another platform besides Typepad, which I have been using since I started the blog. It would be a major expense and effort to change platforms, and almost impossible to incorporate all of my past posts. I have a partial solution where you can get my blog posts in a much clearer format. If you go to my front page you will see a box that says subscribe on the right side. fill in your email address and you will receive a confirmation link by email. Once you do that, you will receive the blog in your email every time I post something. The format lis much clearer and you will see my photos in a full size. Thanks again for posting this.


Thanks for your Paris blog. Looking forward to the LaChaise book.

Michele Kurlander

Would LOVE to read the Pete LaChaise book. Been there many times- sometimes to enjoy Helpise and Abelard finally together, once to leave a copy of "The Idiot" on How he Whitmans grave, sometimes to visit the Jewish section at the back, sometimes just wander the lanes. One of my favorite Paris places

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