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October 15, 2009


Decouvrir Paris

I didn't heard about that place..
It seems it worth going there, I will book a train, thanks a lot !

Martin from


Thanks for sharing a interesting review of the place. I'll try to save the name of the place and visit it when I have the chance. By the way, I found a fantastic Paris adventure that might interest you too. Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Very interesting, well written and quite informative, thank you. I would like to add some brief notes, as follows:

Driving from Paris towards Joinville-le-Pont one - the movies aficionados and the devotees of the French New Wave especially - might be tempted to repeat the opening moments of the cult Jean-Luc Godard’s 1964 movie Bande à part (Band of Outsiders). The bridge scene was filmed on Pont de Maisons-Alfort, about 7 minutes drive from Joinville-le-Pont.

Hervé Bazin, a prominent French author and city councilor at Bry-sur-Marne, is featured in the film of yet another iconoclast of the French - and world - cinema, François Truffaut, the charming 1979 L'amour en fuite (Love on the Run), the last segment of Antoine Doinel saga. Actually the fragment in question featured in L'amour en fuite is from Truffaut’s earlier movie Antoine et Colette, when Colette’s stepfather talking to Jean-Pierre Léaud’s character, who doesn’t get along well with his mother (think 400 blows), brings up Hervé Bazin, apparently in the reference to the latter’s recurring theme in Viper in the Fist.

Hervé Bazin was elected as a member of Académie Goncourt (and later its president) replacing Francis Carco, who is well known to Colette’s readers and fans, and even numerously mentioned in her prose (Break of Day). Well, Colette, herself a president of Académie Goncourt, is mentioned again in L'amour en fuite proper (Antoine Doinel’s wife is complaining to her friend that Antoine is presently reading Colette’s works, such as Claudine series etc., and thus is seeing lesbian connections everywhere).

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