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September 02, 2009



What is included is a service charge, and indeed, it is mandatory.
However, tip is translated into "pourboire" in French, and, of course, it is not included in the check and is at the discretion of the patrons. Many French people give nothing.


LoL, love this post.

John W.

Very useful post, given what you say about your over-generous clients. However, I notice among my Parisian friends an increasing tendency to tip a bit more than you advise. I blame it on the introduction of the euro.

Style Spy

And is the service charge on the bill definitely handed over to the servers? Or is the restaurant allowed to keep it? That's what worries me. I've made my living most of my adult life in the service industry and so of course I tend to overtip no matter where I am. I'd rather err on the side of generosity.


Thanks For The Those Parisians aren't getting anything over on us!!!!!! Now every time I see a Hermes Scarf..I'm going to think...yep Richard has just saved another American...And LOOK at that fabulous scarf they got!!!!Keep up the good detective work!!!


My husband and I both enjoy so much your wonderful I Prefer Paris newsletters. Thank you so much for taking the time to do them. I eagerly look forward each day to finding out what you will be writing about and also to your great pictures. We are both addicted to Paris and can live vicariously through your newsletters while we are saving money/vacation time for our next "real" trip. Merci beaucoup.


Excellent service you have provided with this blog on tipping! Americans just assume it's like in the States - you have set them straight


Same rule in Switzerland and Austria about tipping, and our tour guide very strongly told us tips were included and all we had to do was round out the bill (which very often came to next to nothing) I don't think a Swiss waiter would pull that shtick -- they seem excessively honest.


They tried it on with me last week...But I knew and could read, what it said at the end of the bill.


The service charge is not a tip and doesn't necessarily go to the servers.
You should double check before posting.
But, it's not customary to tip, as in Europe servers should be payed by their employer and not by customer tips


I'm with pp. The service charge is NOT a tip, and I don't personally know of a single restaurant in the city that divides this among their staff.

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