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March 14, 2007




I just happened upon your blog, and saw the requests for fave spots. Well, I'm not a permanant resident, but a few years back, when I thought taking a week of French classes would get me anywhere, I found a gem of a place called Bagels and Brownies. All I remember of the location is that it's near the Alliance Francaise, and that all the sandwiches were made with different kinds of bagels. And they were all named after different cities in the US. Apparently the owners were French, but had lived in NYC for a few years, before going back to Paris.

Hope it's still there, and you check it out.

Sunnyside Queens, NY

Luc-Roger Bédard

Bonjour Richard,

Mon musée favori est Nissim de Camondo. Sa taille humaine et intime, son contenu unique,l'histoire de la famille et aussi le fait qu'un visiteur puisse facilement s'approcher des objets. Je vous le recommende chaudement si vous ne le connaissez pas encore.

The Nissim de Camondo is my favorite museum. It is small human scale, illustred the best France have produce in the 18th century, the dramatic history of the family is all very interesting. I recommend to you if you do not know it already.

Louis la Vache

For cooks, especially if they are interested in buying copper cookware (normally trés cher!) at amazingly low prices, Louis la Vache recommends E. Dehillerin, located at 18 et 20, rue Coquilliére in le 1er off of rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau et rue du Louvre west of Forum des Halles and léglise-Saint-Eustache and not far from le Louvre. The famous pâtisserie Stohrer is close by and worth the visit!

For history buffs, Louis la Vache has found it to be great fun to walk around l'Île-Saint-Louis and read the plaques on the front of many of the houses - you'll find the homes of Marie Curie, Georges Pompidou, Daumier and Rodin's lover, Camille Claudel, among many others.

Louis la Vache

Richard, Louis la Vache just thought of an easily-overlooked gem of a church: Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, in le 5 ème in the shadows (both literally and figuratively) of le Panthéon. Saint-Etienne-du-Mont has the last remaining rood screen in Paris, and one of the few in Europe. The church is worth the visit just to see this intricately-carved screen. Also, the remains of Sainte-Geneviève, patron saint of Paris are there.

Louis la Vache

Louis la Vache keeps thinking of places that he thinks people might like but probably don't know about. One that just came to mind is le musée national du Moyen Âge (Cluny) in the V ème. It houses the fabulous tapestry "la dame à la licorne."

Judy Hunnicutt

I highly recommend eating at Camille at 24 Rue Des Francs-Bourgeois. I go there at least once if not more everytime I am in Paris.


They arent exactly hidden, and the food is only so-so, but in nice weather, the cafes hidden in the trees in the Jardin des Tuilleries, if one can snag a table with unobstructed views of the flowers and fountain and Louvre... Ahhhh, you had to be royalty to have this view 200 years ago...And now, for the price of an espresso or perier, a shady table and chair with a fabulous view can be yours for hours...


The house of Nicholas Flamel (Yes he really existed! Here in Paris in the 1400's) Though born over 600 years ago, he was recently featured in the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone.
Nicholas Flamel is that alchemist, and his house still stands on rue Montmorency, and its worth a look. Its currently a restaurant L'Auberge Nicholas Flamel, and the current owners keep it low key, so its still relatively unknown.


We bring all our guests to lunch (or tea and desserts) at the small museum Jacquemart Andre on Haussman in the 8th. Lunch on gilded chairs in the palace dining room under a Tiepelo ceiling with Gobelin Tapestry walls depicting the life of Achillies (Yes, Brad Pitt's charater in TROY) In addition, the museum itself is fabulous, with 3 Rembrandts, 2 Bottecellis, 2 Donatellos, a room of Madonnas, etc... I heard it once had twice the annual budget of the Louvre.

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