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  • Eye Prefer Paris is an ex-New Yorker's insider's guide to Paris. Richard Nahem writes his blog from his fabulous 18th century apartment in the fashionable Marais district of Paris

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November 26, 2006



Richard, as a foreigner I suppose you would have the same approach to living in Paris that I have to living in Sydney? Treating this as a gift from life and determined to suck as much substance as you can while you're there?


PS - I was born and raised in Paris but now live in Sydney and I'm one of those who were inspired by Eric's DP. I treat my 'Sydney Daily Snap' as a 'spot the differences' game between Paris and Sydney as well as a chance to share my passionate discovery of the greatest city downunder.
Contrary to Eric, I wouldn't describe myself as a workaholic but as a contemplative dreamer who also has to work for a living!


Sorry another note again but really, your word verification is one of the most difficult and cumbersome I have ever come across on the net. Do you really need it? You will notice that Eric, who gets a lot of traffic, doesn't use this device. I removed it from my blog too, with no ill-effects.


Good interview. I linked here from Eric's "oh so controversial" blog!

Did you know that your link to Paris Daily Photo is a circular link that links to YOUR blog? In other words, it's not linking to PDP.


Very good interview.


Great interview of Eric, as always. Paris Daily Photo has inspired so many other people around the world. I can visit all these other cities from the comfort of my living room.

Nathalie said - Did you know that your link to Paris Daily Photo is a circular link that links to YOUR blog? In other words, it's not linking to PDP.

I noticed that too Nathalie. What's up with that?


Hi! nice blog you have here! I'll put link to your blog in my blogroll! cheers

Big Smile

Hey good interview! :)

I live in Los Angeles since 2005 and will go back to France (Paris) this next week end. I really enjoyed my life in L.A (even though some people hate or love it, it is a such an amazing city). Pretty excited to start a new life in Paris though.

Big Smile

Run Around Paris

very cool interview!!


Why oh why did I just discover Eric? I've been counting the days since my last trip to Paris, and Eric's site would have made the first 6 months — such agonizing waiting! — so much easier to endure. Thanks, Richard, for the great interview.

PDP and IPP are now daily musts, like vitamins and the five food groups!


I discovered Eric some time just after he started posting. It expanded quickly but boy does he have talent! And he loves meeting everyone too.

Great interview!

Agnes Kinner

Please Eric what is the name of the street where the green wall building is in the 2nd? Thank you Agnes

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