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January 23, 2013


Jeff Mings

Merci, Richard.
J'aime meilleur les photographies en couleurs.
And I like that you picked La Place de Vosges - love that square. :)

Joan von Ohlen

Hard to choose. For most I prefer the black and whites but the column fragment with the stripe of green lawn at the bottom is a knock-out in color!


Hands down - black and white takes the prize. Gorgeous photos.


Black & White
They present the cold cruel aspect of a winter storm.
Stay warm. It is 9 degrees this AM in NJ


How I wish I could have joined you on that walk! I so love Paris with a "couche" of snow!! Thank you for being my eyes once again. xoxo

Terri Sinclair

In the pictures with a bit of green, I like the color phots, but on the others, I prefer the black and white. Great pictures, sure wish i had been there for the snow.


i love the color and the black and white together! they would be wonderful side by side.

Gayle at FoodTourFinder

Eye prefer the black & white photos, Richard. Gorgeous! And I'm also very jealous - been to Paris plenty of times when it was freezing cold, but never had the luck to experience snow. Quelle belle neige!


Both are beautiful, there is no better or worse when viewing Paris. Each captures a different mood which is why I think Paris can touch so many different people.


I always opt for B&W. Much more provocative and sensual


.......are snow laden, empty days of Paris . Love the color/b/w coordination of your
Portfolio . Another challenge well executed, Richard


Enjoyed the pictures. For me, the colored ones lend contrast, which is nice, but if you hadn't said anything, I don't think it would have even occurred to me that the first pictures were black and white. It is, after all, winter when things are shades of black, white and gray. They represent the mood for this time of the year. They look exactly like what it looks like here in Boise!


Black and white give a stark intensity. Color is warm and fuzzy.


Wow! I’m torn quite evenly between the color and the black & white images. But I can say with absolute certainty that my favorite of all is the color version of the column and the bush, both with little hats of snow, standing before a carpet of bright green grass. Most excellent series!


Sans doute, cher Richard; les blancs et noirs! Je prefer ca chaque fois. The exception is the one shot in colour with the very green grass; but the impact remains strongest with your black/white images.


Thanks for the great photos - I'm voting for the color shots - just have never cared much for B&W - appreciate your getting out and about and taking these shots - although I dearly love Paris, I'm so glad I'm not there right now - we have enough of the white stuff at home and wouldn't want to go someplace and have more of the same!! LOL!! Anyway, appreciate the pictures - funny but I have never noticed the lion's heads on the under side of the fountain bowl - must learn to pay more attention to the details!


Aloha from Hawaii

Snow!! It’s the black and white photos that capture the best impressions. Why? The “color” detracts from the snow!


I like both - but prefer color!


love them both! An exhibit titled "then and now" would get everyone guessing! Timeless Paris is among my favorite. Thank You!


By the way, I like the colored photos in lieu of the black and white because they had a strange almost surreal aspect to them, as if they'd been painted.

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